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Dezhou Rundong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Rundong is the first-class supplier of CNPC, CNOOC and SINOPEC, the largest oil-gas field development enterprises in China.

Add.: No.1192, Xinhu Street, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China
Tel.: +86-534-2620099

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Main Products
    1. Mud Pump 3NB SeriesThe 3NB series mud pump is designed to have optimized parameters, providing increased stroke and capacity. ...
    1. Plate Gate ValvePlate gate valve is a major component of production tree, tubing head, casing head, manifold, etc. Over the past few years, ...
    1. Multifunction Drilling Rig The power head of the multipurpose drilling rig is driven by low-speed high torque hydraulic motor. Stepless speed regulating can be ...
    1. Hydraulic Hand Pump SYB series hydraulic hand pump, pedal operated pump are a type of double plunger pump. High pressure and low pressure plungers ...
    1. HoseOur high pressure hose is used to transport water, gas, oil and other high pressure mediums. It can operate at -40℃ to 100℃.